Marcia Fisherman Sandal in Cow Leather-Beige

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Customer Reviews

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Sketchy company

I ordered these sandals two weeks ago and was sent a tracking number for a French carrier I had never heard of. The tracking number was invalid and I received an error every time I input it. I followed up about issue to customer service in a total of seven emails. I repeatedly requested a working tracking number, and each time, customer service refused to provide me one. Twice a customer service rep pasted some text from a tracking website indicating my package was currently in Miami, however this was just nondescript pasted text that could have belonged to any customer. I see no reason to defiantly and repeatedly refuse a tracking number to a customer unless the company is attempting to conceal something unscrupulous. I do not feel confident I will ever get the shoes I ordered, however I certainly will be filing a claim through Amex if this company has scammed me.

Dear Katherine,
Thanks for purchasing CUCTOS shoes, and sorry for the trouble.
We shipped your shoes the next day after you placed your order, and the express delivery shows it was delivered within two weeks.
If you have not received the shoes, please contact us.
Thank you again for purchasing Cuctos retro shoes, and wish you a happy day.

Best Regards,
Cuctos Service