Sandals are like air conditioning for the feet. After months of being closeted inside closed shoes and thick socks, sandals allow your feet to say hello to the world and (if you choose the right brands and the right styles), feel good and look great at the same time.

Comfortable stylish sandals are also excellent fashion accessories which can breathe new life into existing outfits.

But, always remember that style should never be at the expense of comfort and foot health.

Below are our 5 top tips for achieving summer sandal satisfaction:

  1. Avoid ‘flimsy’– make sure your sandals are well constructed and that the inner sole has acceptable cushioning and arch support
  2. Forgo ‘flat’– flat footwear can put strain on your heels, Achilles, and knees, so choose sandals with heels that provide stability and support
    1. Stay offline– the internet is a very tempting environment for shoe buyers, with everything available at the click of a button. Everything that is apart from the specific needs of your foot shape and size. The internet is fine for research, but come purchase time, visit a reputable shop and always ‘try before you buy’
    2. Assess your activity– the best summer sandals share many qualities in terms of being light in weight, water compatible, well ventilated, and having good traction. However, some styles/brands outperform others in certain metrics, making them much more appropriate to certain activities. Assess which qualities are most relevant to your summer lifestyle and choose sandals accordingly

    Brand reputation – as with all products and services there are brands available with different attributes. At Foot Solutions, we carefully select footwear brands that guarantee good construction and which provide both comfort and style.



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