Cuctos Brand Story

Founder Sissi's love for comfortable shoes and vintage fashion, when the founders found a market gap in searching for a comfort shoe that suits individual personality. She combined years of research and development on shoes and integrated shoes that are suitable for everyday lives. And Lucas and Smiths, artisans who have led a team of shoemakers for 32 years and have extensive experience in shoemaking, the three hit it off and founded Cuctos in a small studio in the middle of nowhere in 2021, London, United kingdom.

Cuctos also cares about our workers very much. The modernization of the workshop, a clean and comfortable working environment are the basic elements for us to choose a factory to ensure that employees are provided with the best working conditions so that they can devote themselves to the work without concern.


Each pair of handmade shoes is beaten and sewn by experienced craftsmen by hand In the process, the shoe and the foot can reach a degree of fit that is difficult for the machine to reach. In the process of making handmade shoes, you can still seeing that ancient tools are used, there are dedicated tools for each step, and it takes a lot of time and skilled skills.

Eco-friendly materials and personalized designs, classic fashion and comfort in footwear have allowed Cuctos to open up markets in 6 countries: USA, UK, Canada, Italy, France and Germany. Now, Cuctos has been discovered and promoted by over 320 news media, such as FWNBC, WTNZ-FOX43, KWWL, Newstalk and other media websites.
Our Vision

Each pair of Cuctos shoes is meticulously handcrafted using only the finest materials and traditional techniques perfected over centuries. From sleek oxfords to rugged boots, each style is infused with timeless elegance and sophistication and can be worn for a variety of occasions. We believe that our shoes are more than just a product, but reflect our values and commitment to quality. With every step, the wearer is transported into a world of timeless elegance and effortless style - a world of unique Cuctos.