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Cuctos Camilla Heeled Mary Jane Sandals Review

stunning quality and so versatile!!!

I am so happy with these black mary jane shoes - they are not only amazing quality and super comfy but the style is so trendy right now and the design is versatile so I can wear it with so many different types of outfits!

Wear Cuctos shoes on a sunny day!

So well made, attractive and extremely comfortable to wear! Trifecta!

Kimberly Vintage Oxford Shoes-Caramel

Love!!My new favorite!! Beautiful!

These are well worth the wait!! These vintage oxford shoes will take a little while to get in the states, and it's worth the wait! Incredible quality and style!! Such a perfect fit!! I will be buying more whenever I have extra money. I so want those caramel vintage shoes for 2023 preview! Beautiful designs. These clogs are edgy, not goofy. Very stylish! Thank you Cuctos!


How do I know my shoe size?

Use the CUCTOS size guide to assist you in figuring out the correct size to purchase. Remember, when determining what size to purchase, keep in mind that US and European sizes are NOT equivalent to each other. A US size 8 would not be a 38, but rather a 38.5 or 39, depending on the style and whether they come in half sizes. Always consult with our size charts or chat with us to ensure you are ordering the correct size in each style as each style can run a bit differently. For example, shoes with narrow and lower-toe boxes, like ballet flats, tend to run smaller than loafers.

How do I care for handmade leather shoes or boots?

Leather is the perfect clean, classy fabric with a warm winter feel for your fall wardrob. Here are the best ways to care for this rich, but delicate leather shoes or boots:

1. Pre-treat it with a good, reputable weatherproofing spray. This protects the fibers from stains and water. Respray the suede after cleaning it every few weeks.

2. Use a good suede brush (typically made with coarse bristles) to remove dirt and imperfections. Always allow mud to dry overnight before brushing.

3. Use a suede eraser to spot clean.

4. Unless they are 100% waterproof, avoid wearing suede in slushy, wet, or inclement weather.

5. Treat water stains with water. Counterintuitive as it sounds, use a lightly dampened suede brush or rag to wipe down the entire shoe and then insert correct-size shoe trees to maintain shape.

Can i return my order about customized size ( wide/narrow ) ?

If you purchase custom-made shoes, like wide and narrow shoes, we will not provide return or exchange services. Please double-check if the size is yours before ordering.

What’s the difference? Waterproof vs. Weatherproof vs. Water Resistant.

Just because it’s a boot or bootie, does not mean it is intended for winter weather or nasty elements. It’s especially important to note whether your boots or booties are synthetic or real leather, which if not waterproof or weatherproof, will get warped and weather-beaten in snow or rain. If your boot or bootie does not specify any water or weather resistance, it is essentially just a taller shoe and aside from keeping you warmer, provides no better protection than any shoes. So now for all those terms and what they mean.

Water-resistant footwear- typically only suedes- are treated with a chemical spray to keep water out, but are not designed for standing in snow, puddles, or slush. Therefore, there will be seepage and your feet will get wet in very rainy or snowy weather, or by standing in a puddle of snow. Weatherproof and water repellant essentially mean the same thing as water resistant. Waterproof footwear is treated, usually with a thin additional layer, to be impervious to water and keep you completely dry, even in deep snow or standing in water. You want to look for guaranteed waterproofing on your boots or booties that you wear when the weather turns wet.


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