Cuctos Design

A pair of truly meaningful shoes requires not only professional
and skilled experience and skills, but also long-term patience
and dedicated energy.

Our Natural Skins

Cork on the sole to increase breathability After wearing for a period of time, with the force of the tape, the sole re-plasticizes Become a "personal sole" that matches the sole of the foot Achieve a fit and comfortable effect when walking
Three-dimensional padding feet The heel is filled with soft elastic material to absorb Generate impact when walking, reduce foot pressure Concave foot design that fits the arch of the foot Complies with the skeletal structure of the sole, giving better support to the foot

High-quality leather is needed to make any handmade products Good leather must meet the fine texture and natural pores Our master will select and process the leather according to
the needs of the shoes
This process makes the leather soft and not easily deformed And it still keeps its luster after many years Compared with the fine cutting of mechanized production, handmade shoes retain the integrity of the leather to the utmost extent Better play to the characteristics of each piece of leather


Each pair of handmade shoes is beaten and sewn by experienced craftsmen by hand In the process, the shoe and the foot can reach a degree of fit that is difficult for the machine to reach. In the process of making handmade shoes, you can still seeing that ancient tools are used, there are dedicated tools for each step, and it takes a lot of time and skilled skills.