The French lifestyle is all about the art of living life to the fullest. Living life with pleasure and enjoyment is always a priority, whether that’s through social gatherings, excellent food, or beautiful surroundings. As a French lifestyle blog, the French lifestyle and culture are topics that are discussed quite a bit.

French Lifestyle

French Lifestyle

While the French lifestyle embodies a simple way of living, there are plenty of tips and ideas that can be learned and adopted into our own lives. On this page, you’ll find a collection of articles that discuss some big and small practices that can be borrowed from the French way of living.

Whether it’s an article on overall tips to live like the French do on a daily basis or tips on practicing more mindful eating, there’s something new to learn and think about from each article.

How to Incorporate the French Lifestyle Anywhere You Live

French Lifestyle Tips: wine cart

One of the hardest parts about being a Francophile but not living in France full-time is missing out on all the cultural practices and nuances that the French lifestyle encourages. Read more to learn 10 tips on how you can adopt some daily French habits and practices to incorporate the French way of life, regardless of where you live. Click here to read the article.

The Art of Doing Nothing

The art of doing nothing by Mon Petit Four main photo

When I’m in France, I take so much pleasure in doing absolutely nothing most days. It’s something that feels entirely natural there, but hard to practice when I’m home in the States. Read more about this French concept and how I try to incorporate this art into my life here in the States. Click here to read the article.

Mindful Eating: It’s All A Balancing Act

mindful eating varied plates of food

No doubt you’ve heard people telling you that you can eat what you want, but all in moderation. It’s true. I love a good slice of chocolate cake and my glass of red wine, but implementing mindful eating and an awareness of balance in my diet has completely changed the way I approach these foods. Read more to learn about the French practice of mindful eating and creating balance in the diet. Click here to read the article.

The French Table: Why It’s Important to Sit Down

The French Dinner Table - Dining Table

The French have made it a habit to gather together around the table for a meal. Sitting around the table for a meal is a sacred act in the French culture and it’s one of the practices I’ve loved adopting most in my own life. Read more to learn about why the French embrace this tradition so fondly. Click here to read the article.

Shopping at the Farmers Market

Shopping at the Farmer's Market

Shopping at the farmers market is completely routine and normal in France. Fresh markets are on almost every corner or street and provide quality ingredients for French residents. Read more to learn about how shopping at the farmers market can help you create a clean and flavorful meals in your life. Click here to read the article.

How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Reine de Saba (Julia Child's Chocolate and Almond Cake). Rich, simple, and perfectly chocolate-y! Recipe via

How is it that French women can eat their chocolate croissants and buttered bread while still looking as fantastic as they do? It’s a question many tourists are left with after spending a week in France, watching French women enjoy themselves at bistros, bakeries, and brasseries. Read more to learn how the French manage to enjoy themselves while still maintaining slim figures. Click here to read the article

How Living In France Changed the Way I Eat


Prior to dining among the French,  I was unaware of what it meant to eat seasonally.I had no perception of what vegetables and fruits were available in which seasons. Worse than that, I’d often find myself preparing my meals in a rush, taking them with me on-the-go. Read more for a list of the many tips the French have taught me when it comes to living a delicious and healthy life. Click here for the article.